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Thread: Basset headers

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    my buddy is a manager at hedman headers and suggested i ceramic coat my headers rather than rechrome them. they will basicaly look like brushed aluminum but they do the inside and outside. has anyone seen this done or have it on their boat. just curious cuz im sick of trying to fight the rust

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    Here's a set I just coated! They look alright..? We did find that running them dry for extended periods will discolor them...Just something to think about, Doug

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    mine are wet and i like the free price tag rhe best. i was just wondering on how good they would look on a boat. yours look great.

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    a lot of guys run them and they look great. Go for it.

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    here is a couple pics of mine.. The finish is much nicer then brushed alumn.. it's just a little duller (mainly due to the orange peel look ceramic coating has) then realy polished alumn.

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    Contact Basset and give them your measurements and get them to custom fabricate double wall stainless for you. The price is a little higher but you won't be sorry you got them

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    Performance 19
    Bassett Racing... tech line 714-630-7999. Best way to reach Paul.

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