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Thread: oiling prob/horrible ticking on 460

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    Alright, I have a rebuilt 460 in my 19 foot Hallett. The first 20 hours or so were fine, strong as hell and only with a 650 edelbrock, no sounds no problems, one day, out of nowhere it develops a ticking sound, very prominent, and the oil press drops significantly, now I know it is an oiling problem, but what could it be, I droped a piece of silicon in it a few months ago, but no problems developed for about a month after, I figure it would have been chewed up in the oil pump and deposited in the filter, other than that, I have no f-ing clue what could cause this problem, it is random as well, it will stop when I let it sit for a few and start again, it also looses power when about 3500 rpm's, and above 4grand, it will drop to 3 grand, it is just all messed up !! please help

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    Hey Hallett19, it sound to me as if you have a sticky lifter. If it was a old motor I would recommend something like a motor flush and Marvel Mystery Oil but being that its fresh I would say replace all the lifters, I have seen bad ones right out of the box. Just my 2 cents http://free.*** .

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    Hallett of a Dream
    I don;y know if the silicone would actually get past the filter screen, but it may have lodged itself in a passage preventing oiling of a lifter or something along those lines also may ba a lobe on the cam.
    Off the subject, what year Hallett do you have? I have 1976 BV19 with a 455, JC12-A Berkeley. mine is the silver with yellow striping and plum outlining on the yellow.
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    mine is a 76 MC with a ford 460 Berkely 12JC, it is a 7 seater with a closed motor, through transom exhaust, off white with gold/copper striping around the edge wtih a small black pinstripe, it has a wind/watersheild facing out, I have a pic I with I knew how to post it, I will email you one

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    one more question, is it really bad to run this thing out of the water ? I do that ALOT, at least once every 2 weeks and obviously with the water line hooked up, just to keep the motor from leaking and all

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    not to be a bother, but I want to make sure everyone read this before I put it to rest and pull the motor and bleed and seat and tear and lighten my wallet more, which is expected http://free.*** thanx guys

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    Inadvertant oil pressure is usually something clogging the screen. You let it sit for a few, whatever's clogging it settles. Start it up and it clogs again. I've seen throttle blades turn pistons sideways and throw rods out the top, yes TOP, of a BB. But then I've seen a motor go forever with a 1/2" end wrench left in the lifter valley. Go figure. I hope it's a cheap fix for your sake. Good luck!

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    Oh yeah, a bad pressure relief spring will do the same thing.

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    thanx mister 460, you rock !!

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    Bend a pushrod? knock out a lifter?

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