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Thread: Anyone hear of one of these? 1996 Talon?

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    Lake Ape
    Found this on eBay, anyone ever hear of it? It look pretty damn clean to me. Anyone know anything about them?
    Seems kind of cheap too!
    Talon on eBay... (

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    That does look like a steal for only 15k

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    clean supreme
    made in florida,one of the best boats ever made!

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    Buy it now for 35k.....I dont know about Talon except I think Hustler now owns the molds...I think they were more successful with their 25 footer....
    96 model.....carbed blower...I think 35k is too much money :crossx:

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    I think it's worth 30K all day long. Clean looking boat. Steering already there, good base motor to start with. I'm not a fan of anything with yellow, but looks nice nonetheless. Figure heads freshened and new springs, different cam and blower, drive upgrades and 110 mph under 50K. No way it goes over 100 with just a prop change.

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