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Thread: Spam:big Block Chevy(block With All Machine Work)

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    I Have A Block That I Bought And Had Machined For A Spare. It's A 78 4 Bolt Main That Has Been Boiled, Magnafluxed, Decked, Align Bored, Bored .030 With Torque Plates. It's A Rough Bore That Needs To Be Finished Honed To Match Your Pistons. If Your In The Bay Area You Will Know The Machine Shop Where Work Was Done (very Good Work).
    -550 Firm
    Also Have Other Parts (stock Cranks And Rods, Pistons, Heads, Etc.)
    Located In Napa, Cal.

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    what size big block?

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    looks like its a a 454 the way i see it. Bored .030

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    Both the 427 and the 454 were 4.251 bores. The deciding factor is the stroke. If this +.030 block were used with a 3.760,(427) stroke crank, you would have 433 cu in. (432.9). Used with a 4. (454) crank, you would have in. (460.6). If you factor in all the service this block has already recieved, services that any block would need prior to building, it's a great deal, and I wish it were closer, I'd jump on it..................MP

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