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Thread: Copper Head Gaskets

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    What are the pro's and cons compared to regular fel-pro gaskets. I have a 502 with a littlefield 8-71 on top. Running 8psi

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    I hear nothing but good things about Chometics. Cometics. Kometics...however TF you spell it! (I'm porting heads this weekend...I don't care!)
    They seem to be able to handle moderate boost pretty darn well! :coffeycup

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    I used copper head gaskets for the second reason. I buy mine from Flatout race gaskets. But they have a thin silicone layer for sealing. I coat them with GM sealer too. Don't reuse them no matter what anybody tells you. The worst problen is sealing them up. They have a tendoncy to leak but if you use a water pressure regulator, it will help control that. Budlight

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    I am running the Fel Pro gaskets on mine and i am running 11.5-1 static and 17 lbs of boost and have had no problems yet and i run it up and down the river all the time.Possibly just lucky but i got a buddy that is running them also on a blown deal with no problems.I have only heard of the cometics having problems at high boost like 23 and above.

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