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Thread: Hotel help in Havasu

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    I'm taking my family to our first Shockwave regatta. I'd like to find an inexpensive, family friendy place with a safe place to park the boat.
    I'd like to stay around $75 a night. Is this possible or am I asking for too much?
    Please help me avoid the Bates Motel.

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    [B]I meen Havasu!!! before everyone corrects me. :hammerhea

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    Well, TravelLodge was great for us. Although, I seriously doubt you'll get the $75 thing. It was $65 in January :jawdrop: , but I hear it's considerably more now. Give it a shot, though. Very nice rooms and close to Windsor.

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    They are $90 a night plus the hefty room tax. If the hotel is good, I can splurge I guess. For the $$$ do you think this is the best place?

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    Well, I haven't checked around lately, but I know that will be the ballpark. I think the Island was 100-120. I was really impressed with TravelLodge. I expected a lot less. We just needed a place to sleep while looking at boats. I have payed $120 for rooms that were not near as nice as these. Parking is the same as anywhere else. The back side of the property has a long area for big stuff, if needed. Kinda depends if you want to be near town or Windsor. TL is about the last hotel down by the water from town. It is a few blocks from Windsor.

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    Check your pm

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    uncle larry
    The Hampton Inn formerly the Holiday inn.. that just underwhen a 6 million dollar upgrade..
    has a regatta special all summer. simply call 928 855 4071 ask for the regatta rate.. (should be around $99/night) views of the lake from most rooms.. free ice for your ice chest....
    good luck
    Larry "Uncle Larry" Reese
    Jokers Wild Promotions

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