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Thread: Canfield 310's

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    I'm putting these on my 467 so I can get a boat back in the water this summer. I have a Lunati roller to go with them, so I'm thinking I'm going to add some decent power. Intakes are done, chambers are done except for a surface-to-size and then equalize. Started on ex today. These new "as cast ported" heads are great!! :coffeycup

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    Just out of curiosity, how do these heads rate against the AFR's? Besides price difference is either one better than the other?

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    For the port size nothing touches their flow no's. I'm going to have these fowed after I'm done, so we'll see what they're really like.

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    Those look like decent heads. What is the cost of those bare? AFR's are around $2255 with 6 week lead time. It does appear the AFR's flow a bit more though.
    By the way, can anybody tell me what GM heads are on A '97 HP500?

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    Looks like the Canfield's are about $1600, I may get those when I'm ready to change heads and cam, good bang for the buck!

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    We ran 310 Canfield Heads on our 427ci BBC ... Now they are fully worked and on a 1/2' stroke, Blown 540 Alcohol motor.. :idea: ...I'll se if I can get the flow #'s......

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    These heads BARE were $1099 from Comp Products. HOWEVER!!!!...I had to replace all the guides. I had Alan Johnson do the chambers and I'm doing the ports and bowls. They'll go back for a clean up surface to get the chambers closer, then I'll equalize the chambers.
    The AFR's do flow a little better, but IMO, not enough to be worth the extra $. These Canfields, at 310cc's outflow a lot of 340cc heads, and every 320cc head. They are VERY strong on the exhaust. I just bought a pair of BB2X's and at 340cc's they aren't much stronger on the intake than the 310's, and the Canfields smoke them on the ex.
    Can 310's (as per Canfield)
    Lift Int/ex (% ex to int)
    .100 72/74 (102%)
    .200 138/123 (89%)
    .300 204/176 (86%)
    .400 266/205 (77%)
    .500 318/237 (74%)
    .600 347/260 (75%)
    .700 353/273 (77%)
    .800 355/284 (80%)
    average % ex to int=82%, average above .400"=76%
    BB2X's (as per Brodix)
    (no numbers for .100 lift)
    .200 153/122 (79%)
    .300 221/138 (62%)
    .400 276/171 (61%)
    .500 322/198 (61%)
    .600 357/216 (60%)
    .700 363/229 (63%)
    (no numbers for .800 lift)
    So you see that at .700, the Canfields only give up 3%, with a port that's almost 10% smaller on the intake, but look at the exhaust!
    I'll be flowing my Canfields to get some real no's, but I'm very optomistic. :coffeycup

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    I see what you mean, their E/I ratio is very good. Great for blown application What are some of your other motor specifics like exhaust manifold type, N/A or blown, fuel type, etc. What kind of boat?

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    I see what you mean, their E/I ratio is very good. Great for blown application What are some of your other motor specifics like exhaust manifold type, N/A or blown, fuel type, etc. What kind of boat?
    BB Chev, +.060 (467") 4 bolt Mk IV with ARP studs
    Early GM steel crank deburred, polished, nitridid, etc.
    Eagle 6.135 rods
    Cosworth pistons...12.4:1, so race gas.
    Weiand TR, but looking for Dart
    (2) 4780 Holleys (800 dp's)
    was running iron GM 990's that I ported, added 2.25 int, Manley Pro Flows, Isky springs, Ti ret's, Crane Golds, Girdle, etc. and a flat tappet Racer Brown .610/ 264 @ .05 solid. Now I'll be bolting on the Canfields and I'm doing homework now on a custom roller. Headers are Rewarders that Jim bent up custom for me...kinda old school (80's) look. I'll be switching from the Comp roller timing set to a Rollmaster as well.
    Old motor made somewhere in the neighborhood of 660-670 hp. I'm guessing I'll bolt on another 100 hp, or more. These Canfields can support 800 with no problem. The motor's going in my Bahner tunnel jet.

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