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Thread: cam, intake, carb suggestions

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    I just bought a 19' Hallett with a 454 and Berkley pump with an A impeller. The engine is in need of a rebuild and I was thinking of putting in more cam and maybe a tunnel ram. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I was just wondering how much cam and if a tunnel ram would work, and if so should I go with 2-450s or 2-600s. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    with an a cut i'd stick to a cam around 230-236 at.50 (hydraulic type)or a comp cams 280 mag or similar grind. tunnel rams i dont know a whole lot avout but would think that the 600s will be fine.On another note what compression are you running.That would affect how a t ram would work i would recomend at least a 10-1.but a well set single would work well too but the t-ram are good looking.

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    I have a Lunati I'll give up for a good price. It's a LUN-00024lk part number and it's 230/230 duration @.050 and 544 lift intake and exhaust.

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    Wet Dream
    Glad to see another Hallett. What model did you get and what year?

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    Wet Dream
    I just looked at your profile, sounds like you need to check into the Anna Regatta posts and get your ass out there, you're not far at all.

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    I'm not sure what model I have. It is 19', and has buckets in front and sideways facing small benches. 454, berkley jet. I bought it running but smoking badly. The previous owner didn't treat her right. It has been sitting out in the weather and had not been run in three years. I pulled the engine out and apart, but as I am new to jets I am looking for all the advice I can get as to what I should put in the engine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    And you are right, I am only about 45 minutes away from Anna. I am going to read the other posts to see what I need to do to attend. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Wet Dream
    Did you read your email and look at the pic? Does it look anything like mine?

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    Mine looks just like yours, only yours is in better shape. Mine is a 1978, still has the original gel coat in orange and white.

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    Wet Dream
    Then you have a BV19. Mine is a 1976. All original except for the interior which is being done right now.

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