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Thread: Crate 502 - Good odea or not?

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    considering purchasing two 502 crate motors to replace the 454's in my 1993 31' boat. Good idea or not?

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    Better yet, buy the 505/502 short blocks, have someone tear down and machin (blueprint) properly (factory sucks) balance. Buy good marine set up Aluminum heads, good push rods and rockers, Dart manifold, 850 holley, better cam, MKSD dist/ignition good high volume oil pan and have a couple of 580-600 HP reliable motors. Money well spent IMHO, worked for me.

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    Panic Button, real marine motors about the same price as a crate.

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    I like Frankie's line of thinking, but yea, 502's are great replacements for the venerable 454. Course, better yet, get a pair of 572's! :2purples:

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    from experience of a couple of my friends who drag race, and tried them in boats, they say they don't makeany power stock. people hear the word "502" and think that means power...not's a smog motor stock!

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    Definately go with the 502/502. The cam will need to be changed(minimum). Also, as stated above, Tear them down, balace them and clean them, as they are not set up very well. At that point, it might be worth pricing out the individual parts and having one assembled, the price is not that different(since you need to pull the 502/502 apart anyway).

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    Dave C
    get the 502/502 cuz its got better heads. Or get the short block and add your own heads.
    The regular ol 502 heads sucks balls.....
    Otherwise they are great motors! Goood parts, steel crank, forged pistons good rods, thick a*s block.
    Get them balanced if you want but its not absolutely necessary.

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    dirty old man
    don't take half way measures, step up to the 572

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    I have (1) BRAND NEW in the crate 502/502 GM PT # 12371204 if anyone is looking. It has never even been unwrapped from its original pkg. I just took of the lid to take some pictures for a guy.
    $ 5800.00 + any freight.
    I have used a few of these in jet boats but not in an I/O. They work killer in a jet.

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