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    Kindsvater Flat
    Well I have to do something. I went to the junkyard and bought a 440. Called the machine shop and said they will cut the heads and put my old valves in. He promised to have them done monday night if I drop them off in the early am. Also noticed the junkyard block has never been bored so that gives me a good core.
    I am not going to put them on until the last minute in hopes that Bruce (Spectra Squeezing) can find time in his busy schedule to ship the aluminum heads.

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    Mike -
    Did you already pay for the aluminum guys...?

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Mike -
    Did you already pay for the aluminum guys...? He has a check for 95% of it. BTW email me all your phone numbers and address again. My pc crashed and had to format.

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    Me thinks you could have whittled new ones from a block of metal by now.
    Want to borrow a die grinder?

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    next time..ask the right guy with better connections.

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