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Thread: Somebody Better Jump On This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Damn it! I sure wish that I seen this last month I would have jumped on it real quick. That is one clean boat. Plus it has some very nice hardware.

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    Jake W2
    Man that focker does look nice looks more like a 18 rather than an 19 though.

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    but it's only 19", how does one sit in it?

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    Bryan Rose
    I would like to see what is beneath the transom plate.... Looks like it is not pushed on all the way and there is a big gap at the bottom....? or is it just me. this thing is in driving range , could be a good ride.

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    Man that focker does look nice looks more like a 18 rather than an 19 though.
    Jake, $2000? I'll be curious what it goes for. It is really clean! I don't even want to think how many hours in mine......Doug

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    what if it has dryrot ?? Like my "good Deal" Then it is not so good.

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    Blown Spectra
    i have seen this boat in person about 6 months ago. the boat i can say is very clean, has all the right shit to go fast, but the owner of the place is the boat is very hard to work with, if you are interested on buying it make sure your gonna pick it up soon. just a heads up. other than that the boat is clean. the buyer should also mention about the BBC headers that the boat has. the boats in bassett virginia its about 2600 miles rom la.
    good luck people.

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    Blown Spectra
    by the way he wants way more than 2K for it.

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    he may want more then 2k for it but its no reserve so highest bid takes it. of course he may have a buddy bidding on it for him. be the last bidder and go get it.

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    Jake W2
    Doug looks like you are getting closer I like the motor being yellow.
    After looking at the boat agine check out the sub floor it looks lik it needs to be sanded and restained :boxed: some people ,what were thay thinking on that a teak sub floor OMG.

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