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    The silicone I used last year to seal the transom adapters,, appears to not be very sound anymore. What does everyone recomend? Is there something i can get from the loacl hardware store that will work?
    also does anyone by chance have an extra nut off a stock berk steering tube?

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    I just used Clear Silicone sealer/adhesive in a caulking gun that I got from Home Depot. Going strong after 2 seasons. There was talk about this a while back and some kinds not to use because of deterioration by submersion in water and exposier to sunlight. Try a search, maybe "Sealing Transom Adapter" or something.

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    Below the water line I have only used 5200 I haven't had a problem with it but it takes a couple of days to dry. Above the water line I use Dow Silicone.
    Here is a thread from last year. (http://www2.***

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    100% silicone

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    Home Depot sells the 3m Marine sealant. Silicone is not designed to work contrinuously under water. It also does not hold up to gas and oils.

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    1978 Rogers
    3M Marine Silicone

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    tahiti jet,
    you shouldn't need silicone to put your transom adapter on the boat in a stock set up. Meaning if you aren't running a set back pump.
    Take the TA and use silicone to glue the rubber gasket in place, making sure it's nice and flat. Let it dry completly. Place the rubber o-ring in the groove on the bowl and coat it with lots of white grease. Do the same with the inside lip of the TA that will come in contact with the o-ring. Also coat the other side of the rubber gasket that you glued to the TA with white grease.
    Place the TA on the bowl, tap in place with a nice piece of 2X4 coverd with a rag on one end and a hammer. It helps if you can sit on the ground and hold your feet on the TA. One on each lower corner, hold on to the pump with your hands and push with your legs while someone else taps (gently) the upper TA into place. It'll pop right on. Tighten up all the bolts evenly, insert the two wood type screws in the lower two holes and your done. I always covered the heads of the 2 lower screws with a little dab of silicone, but that's it. This way it's easy to take off and on, and it won't leak. Ever. I've never had a leaker doing it this way on a stock set up. .
    not to mention you won't have all that nasty, ugly, discolored, flaking, leaky silicone on the transom of your boat.

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    it's Set back... and i have that "nasty, ugly, discolored, flaking, leaky silicone on the transom of my boat" Worked great for a year now it's all yellow and cracking, and is real soft and almost like it's just not sticking anymore..
    Thanks for the info guys.. I'll try home depot..

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    This may be a little late but if you can find some Dymonic sealant it comes in a few different colors and never ages. I used a brown bead around my Berk and transim, it's been there for two years. It's primarily used in the building trade to seal control joints in brick walls against the weather. (Don't laugh... the stuff is durable and sticky!)

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    I don't know what it is called but, I'm told that you can use the sealant they use on aquariums. Obviously it is meant to be used below the waterline.

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