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Thread: Why run air scoop backwards?

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    Why is it that I see many pictures of people running their air scoops facing the rear? Is it to avoid the accidental ingestion of water into the carbs.

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    That is probably why. On my old Eliminator 19', I had a BBF with a tunnel ram and two 4's with a bitchin' Dooley scoop (facing forward). I thought it was high enough to avoid any water. But, sure as shit I took a wave over the bow and water got in the carbs and motor. I lucked out and it didn't do any damage, such as bend a rod.

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    Some people run them backwards so they don't have to run flame arrestors incase of a backfire, the flame would shoot out the back verses shooting forward towards the passangers. I really don't know how much a flame arrestor restricks the air flow through the carb, I wouldn't think more then have no arrestor and the scoop backwards. Maybe someone else can enlighten us as to how much restricting a flam arrestor has. Anyway, that's what I know.

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    Might have something to do with a vacum affect.Also the air flow can become very turbulent and suck air from the over flow tubes(float bowl)and flood your motor.
    These are thingd that i have heard from a few people.

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    I would go with the water in the carb idea myself. Water can and will get in a forward facing scoop on a rough day. It sure does look kinda goofy though. But looking goofy is better than gettin swamped in the middle of Havasu. I did that once, not fun.

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    I was in a Sanger Super Jet that got stopped for open exhaust(two wot passes at 8:00 a.m. on the 4th of July!) on Don Pedro. The guy got written up for a number of violations, one of which was no arrestor in the scoop. The Sheriff told us if the scoop was backwards, he wouldn't have wrote us for the arrestor. Apparently, the backfire issue is their concern.
    The sheriff told us he heard us from the marina, over 1 1/2 miles away!!! Gotta love those open pipes!

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    They should have told the COP {OH SHIT DID THOSE BAFFLES FALL OUT AGAIN} That has happened before....8a.m. lmao

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    flat broke
    The only real reason is the lack of arrestors. If you are not running arrestors, the opening of the scoop cannot exit into the passenter compartment. Sooo, if you wanted to run velocity stacks without arrestors, go right ahead, but if your running a scoop with no arrestors the opening has to point away from the passenger compartment. Asside from that I'm sure there are a million preference based reasons why someone would run it backwards.
    Chris (

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    Chestah Cheetah
    Does this mean I have to install a flame arrestor to my scoop on my cooler or do you guys suggest just turning it around?

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