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Thread: First Time in Parker

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    We will be Parker, staying at the Bluewater this weekend. Can anyone give me a few places to hang out and beach? I will have the kids with me

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    Directly accross form where you are staying is the lower Sandbar. If you go upriver across from Foxes is another sandbar. Those are very popular places to hang out. You can also go all the way up to the dam and then just float down. Have fun out there.

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    I agree go to the dam up river and float, there are a few places to eat along the river and relax.
    Sandbar across from the hotel is nice kids will like the waterslide at the hotel

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    If you're taking the kids, the little sandbar (that's what us OGs have called it for years, big and little sandbar ) across from Sundance is where all the families hang out. Unlike big sandbar, there's a beach and the water is shallow out to 100' from the shoreline. Also, there's a hot dog vendor that hangs out there every weekend, so you don't have to worry about packing lunch for the kids, just buy them a few $2 hot dogs.
    That's it. The lower end sandbar across from Bluewater has a lot of rocks and shells in the water, take some slaps or sandals to keep from cutting your feet. My kids love to snorkel there....they find necklaces, glasses and for some strange cans! watch out for the rockpile....
    Upper sandbar, across from Sundance and the house with the plants on the roof is nice. Go early if you want to stay off the weeds.
    Further up are some small beaches if you want more privacy. Motor in slow, trim up and don't suck up sand. Their size will vary depending upon the flow levels.
    There's only a few hazards and they are pretty well marked.
    Its a great place.

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    Don't anyone stay at the Motel 6 in Parker....sick, sick, sick! Our room was infested with black water bugs or so that's what I think they were...and it was my first time in Parker too. :yuk:

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    Well they grossed me out! I don't like any kinda bug or spider, harmless or not. I guess I'm just a sissy-la-la!

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    Don't anyone stay at the Motel 6 in Parker....sick, sick, sick! Our room was infested with black water bugs or so that's what I think they were...and it was my first time in Parker too. :yuk:
    Jackie, they were all over Parker not just the Motel 6. Most of the business were having problems with them. They will go away.

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    when you get tired of hangin out on the water and beach, run thru the keyes and follow the empty practice beer (coors light) cans and cigg butts to a place called "rd's" - it's a nice "family" relaxation atmosphere. there will be plenty of "entertainment" there and you might even get a chance to suck on the 6 man beer bong or rev up the 5 hp motorized blender - have fun and kids, go blind folded - keyes
    You'll recognize the place because there's a honda sit down jetski on a lift on the dock. Just ask for RiverDean.

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    i think you could stand up on that thing, but who knows, it's a fixture and has been one for months - may have to break it out mem. day weekend - and hey where's my dice clock ??
    Where's my swamp cooler? I'll trade you a dice clock installed, for some used (don't give a shit so long as it cools) swamp cooler installed.. Or atleast supervised installation.

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    You should have said something, I just threw away two perfectly good swamp coolers last month.
    Son of a biatch.... I just want one for my garage.

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