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Thread: Small Block/12JE

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    From what I understand the Berkley 12JE is a low performance pump. Will a warm Small Block (325 hp 350 or 383) work in place of a stock 454? Obviously top speed is NOT an issue. 20' family bow rider with a deep vee. Probably 3000 lbs. Thanks!

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    I am not sure I would call it a Low Performance pump. More like Undesirable pump. The E and F pump are insert pump and said to have a proposing problem in some hulls and because of the inlet water angles. have a 1978 Baja TC day cruiser with a 502 and an F pump in it. It will run 65 mph all day in it with no problems. The E and F pump where not favored because the difficulty to add a shoe to but from what I understand there is a company building a shoe/ ride plate set up for these pumps.

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    Unfortunatly I'm stuck with using this pump. I'm just wondering if a small block will spin the pump. I've been in small block jets that performed decently, one was a Jacuzzi, the other an OMC, but the boats were smaller. In a performance application I wouldn't even consider a small block but in this particular instance I would think a small block could easily be built to the same power level as a STOCK low perf. big block and use less gas too. Opinions?

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    Isn't the JE pump generally smaller than the others? Smaller intake, smaller dia. impeller?

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    It takes torque at mid level rpms to turn a decent sized impeller. A small block usually doesn't have the torque to pull an A or A/B impeller in a boat this heavy. As a result, you will need to install a smaller impeller and the engine will turn a lot of rpms at crusing speeds. I'd go with a big block

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    The E and F (an E with Berkely Trim nozzle) are the same "size" as the C and G pump's
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    jim lee
    I bet it would work fine!
    But that's just MHO
    -jim lee

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