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Thread: 502 oil pan

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    Does anyone know if a merc crusier oil pan work ok on a jet boat? Having problems finding a oil pan for it. These merc crusier oil pans don't have flapper doors in it. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Most likely it will not work. The rear sump area is too deep and will hit the suction piece. You must need a gen 5/6 pan? Should not be too hard to find. I have a Dooley steel and a Billet Fabrication alum. in stock. Both are 10 qt pans for jets.

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    If I know it is you calling heck no I won't answer it!! I'm at the shop now give me a call.

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    I am running a Gen5 454 Mericrusier motor and oil pan in my jet boat. The oil pan drain plug is on the bottom of the pan right over the pump intake and impossible to remove. Need to pump the oil out to change. If I ever pull the motor out of the boat, I would replace this pan with a Dooley for more clearance. May sure the intake mounting bolts are cut down and not hitting the pan if you go this route.

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    I have a gen 4 12 quart chrome oil pan. I think its a dooley not sure. Did you say you have a gen5 oil pan for sale? Let me know. Thanks

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    How much for the gen5 pan?

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    Which one? Both of these are brand new and come with windage trays and pick ups.

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    Hey Dragboats....Steve G with the 19' Blue & White cougar has a Gen IV & Gen V jetboat oil pans for sale...Give him a call (650) 743-9613

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    how much for either one. What are the specs on each one and the price. I live in elk grove california.

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    Both pans are 8" deep and 23" long . Both hold 10qts. The alum. pan has stroker notches the steel does not but has a thinner pan rail so a 1/4 " stroke is not a problem. The alum. pan is $425.00 and the steel is $400.00 + freight. Thanks Neil

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