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Thread: New (to me) Jet project is home!!!

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    Yaa!!, I FINALLY managed to get the New project boat to the house. Took all weekend, $225 in fuel, and 1500 miles to get it here, but the easy part is over now... At least I got to meet some of the Sacremento area crew and spent part of the day at CFW (Thanks again everyone).
    Here's some pic's of the project:
    '76 Witchcraft 16' Jet w/Jacuzzi WJ split bowl, had an Olds, but planning Pontiac power. Hoping to have it ready (not restored, just usable) by next summer.
    400 Pontiac, Edelbrock Performer, moderately streetable cam (specs unknown), have Nicson front and rear mount plates, drive hub, etc located, just need "Mo money"!! (EDIT) I forgot, I also have a set of Bassett bell end SBC headers, and can fab adapters to mount on the Pontiac, so it will be "O/T".

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    Cool looking boat! Haven't seen a seat set-up like that before... :rollside:
    Congrats on the project!

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    Nice trailer.

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    Yep, that's my new ultra-light space saver trailer. So small you have to support the boat when you store it. The foam blocks out the whole thing.....
    Actually, I had to use the trailer from my 18' Tahiti to go get it, but have a trailer coming soon to put it on. The Tahiti trailer was too long and too narrow, the transom sat about a foot forward of the bunk supports, and the hull rubbed the fender pads.
    I've seen seats like these before, just not in quite as bad of shape. I plan to build new ones and make the rear horseshoe shaped to protect passengers from the front of the motor. Thinking Black with Gold/Bronze inserts, and either tan/brown or black carpet, since the hull is gold with brown inserts.
    Guess I need to add this thing to my sig line now too.

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    Ought to look pretty kick-ass when you get done. I like the nameplate on the side, screams '70's!! Never heard of "Witchcraft" before, I like!!

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    That has the same seating in my Anthony when I bought it.
    I switched it out for a bench though.

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    Jake W2
    Looks like some one got tired of their bagged Toyota.

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    The Toyota isn't mine, I'm storing it for a friend who is currently in the desert. I just need to put a battery in it and move it so I can mow!!! The bag kit and install are actually very well done, but the compressor went (.)(.)'s up. Need to put a servicing point inline by the tanks so I can lift it to move it.

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    Cool, then you can come to the river with us and not hit anything!

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    Soon, I hope. But proably next year due to finances.

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