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Thread: 1975 hallett bubble deck

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    all right guys this is what ive got 1 1975 hallett bubble deck full stringer boat with yellow and silver mettalic gel coat. i have several options for power and would like some advice as this will be my first ground up jet build ( using my own money anyways. i own a small boat repair facilicty in long beach ca. i have worked on plenty of jets including overhauls and engine swaps. I am looking at putting in a new 8.1 litre indmar jet setup ( i am an indmar dealer) complete and ready to run. what i dont know is how well these engines perform in a jet application! has anyone got any experience with f.i. engines in jets? i will post pics of the project soon so you guys can eye f$@k as i go along. p.s. i am in the middle of a stringer/ floor replacent in a 1974 southwind jet if anyone is interested in photos p.m. me and iwill post them for you. I asm using teak and holly for the floor so well see how my lil experiment turns out. :messedup:

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    Pic's of the stringer replacement PLEASE!!! I will be opening the stringers on my Witchcraft project as the glass has lifted, and I think there is some rot in the motor mount areas from water wicking in.
    Do I have to replace the entire stringer, or can I safely graft in a rear portion on each side? I think I already know the answer to that question, but I have to ask.

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    no problem i can email them to you if you like. i just need yer address so i can get em to you. i am unsure on how the picture part of this site works. or you can just tell me how to upload onto this site. some people say you can't graft old to new when it comes to stringers. I did however graft onto the old stringer i went back to where it was solid. I cut it there at a 45 degree angle and cut the same angle on the new piece. i then drilled two holes and ran a couple lag bolts through it from the new into the old. I have had good luck doing this in the past. i then ran two layers of woven roving over the stringer and used west system epoxy and saturated it. you then make sure there are no air bubbles and wait for the west to kick off.

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    Just do an advanced search on the SANDBAR for "Post pictures" You will get all the info you could want (and some you probably don't). Looking forward to seeing the pics'.

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