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Thread: Mr &Mrs 66stevens

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    fat rat
    Mrs. Rat and I are busting a serious gut here.......we don't know who is trapped guy's are great but who needs help. Is it Mr. in Mrs. box or vice versa.......I'm LMAOSFHICTAGTRFME (Laughing my ass off so hard I can't type and got tears rolling from my eye's) had to type that one......would not have ever remembered it.

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    I got it

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    Originally posted by hot_rod:
    I got it
    Yea you got taped up thats what you got...did't spill your drink...that was the funny part! And did ya get that motor dyno'd yet! Summer's here ya know!

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    Mrs. 66 Stevens
    Well this is Mr who is stuck in Mrs. I can't remember my Dam password. HELP

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    Mrs. Dimarco Kid
    Originally posted by Mrs. 66 Stevens:
    Well this is Mr who is stuck in Mrs. I can't remember my Dam password. HELP
    Well Mr. 66 Stevens...should have done what the D. Kid and I did...used the same password! If you both forget though, there is a little reminder near where you enter your password...says "Forget your password?" Click on that and see where it takes you!!!
    Mrs. D. Kid

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    Mrs. 66 Stevens
    This is Mrs. talking now!! Dan clicked on "forget your password" but has not received and e-mail yet! He has been trying every password he can think of but has not succeeded yet! He is going to stay the Mrs. for now. Hope everyone can figure out when he is the one replying and NOT me.
    Sorry for confusing you FAT RAT! Glad you guys are getting a good laugh out of this! Just so you know, if I'm the one talking, I will present myself as the Mrs. until Dan can get his old username back! Is that COOL with everyone? Vallory

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    Dans 76 Schiada
    I fixed that problem!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey i have an old stevens v-drive for sale on a trailer and lots of parts $1000

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    Dans 76 Schiada
    Where are you from?

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