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Thread: Parting V-drive hull

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    In the next few weeks I will be parting out an old V-drive that I'm buying for the trailer. It appears to be a home built flatty hull (glass over plywood) that had a SBC, unfortunately the glass has lifted and the wood is rotten, so it's chainsaw fodder.
    On a good note, everything but the motor is there, driveline wise. The steering is mostly intact. I can't remember the brand name on the V-drive box, but I think it started with an "H". I will post all the details and pic's when I get it here, before I start disassembling.

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    Just saw another post about a Halsett V-drive, and I believe that is what is in the boat I will be parting out. Still trying to get all the paperwork straightened out, should have it here soon (I hope).

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    72 superlite
    Let us know. A friend and I may be interested in parts.

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    Got word a couple of days ago, the paperwork is going through :rollside: . They finally got the okay from the State Police to sell the boat and trailer, now just waiting for the paperwork to get back to the tow company :squiggle: .
    SHOULD have this beast home in a week or so, and will get pic's posted. This has taken almost 3 months to get to this point, I just want to get it home, get the good parts out of it, and dump it off the trailer so I can get my Witchcraft up off of the blocks and get to work on it.
    Hang in there guys, pic's and good deals coming soon!!!

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    maybe looking for battery tray fit between stringers a cool or trick alt setup for bb chevy i have someone maybe for v drive get info ill forward it
    mike :devil:

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    if it starts with an "H" I bet ten to one it's a HallCraft v drive. Might be a Hemi though.

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    I'll have to double check when I get it here, I think it was a Halsett, but could be a Hallcraft. Iv'e only got one good look at it after I found it, and that wasn't great as it was surrounded by junk.

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    hello i am looking for a oil pan and pick up tube for my v drive engine is a 69 chevy 427 big block i can be reached at please email if you have one
    thank you mike

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    no engine or otehr cool stuff, only the drive and steering. Hope to get it home in the next couple of days, still waiting for the state to finish the paperwork (STILL!!!!).. Pictures soon

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    Sanger Pete
    Could also be a "halibrand"

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