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Thread: No punches pulled around here

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    I just found this website. No punches pulled around this place.I would like to put in my 2 cents, It's amazing that after making a few phone calls to the guys who everyone recommends for advice, that we all of a suddend become such experts at making our own boats go fast and the guys like Greg Shoemaker, Tom Papp and Harold Bruce don't know sh*t and only seem to piss us off.Well I bought my Daytona Eliminator, built my kick ass blown big block chevy motor, stuffed it it my boat took the bad ass 120mph FORCE-FED RACING boat to the drags and ran a 78mph @ 13.some odd et. and cried all the way back to the pits. But thanks to guys like the above mentioned,within 2 years of racing at the last race I attened the FORCE-FED daytona ran 130mph @ 8.01et. Thanks for all your help some paid for and alot for FREE!! At least if I feel like giving someone advise on their jet boat I'm not talking crap because I learned from the best.

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    I'm not sure exactly what your post meant... but you're welcome. I guess.
    Congrats on the 130. Totally bitchin.

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    Hey are you from SLO?

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    I hear ya Force. I know what it took to get my flat to run pick up at the 1/4. The time slip can and will hurt your feelings sometimes.
    Welcome to the show @ hot boat!

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    intense, yes I am and you??

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    Yep I've seen your boat at your old shop before you sold it. What are you doing for work now?

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    I work in one of those government type jobs, working 8hrs a day it seems like part time. I actually still have the boat wanna buy it? The blown 468 currently being installed into a 67 camaro.

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    SLO! Thats where I used to live. Went to school there, worked at williams bros and force-fed my booze habit at fine establishments such as Spike's, Bull's, McLintock's and Cigar Factory. When I grew up I moved to Los Osos and started the family. I take my hat off to those of you still there...just wish I could have made a living there.LDFTRBT

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    **** YOU , bra!

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    killin milla
    Force-fed,tried to call you many times last weekend,Jim brock was trying to,he wanted to buy your boat,but i think he picked up another this past week,by the way this is allen gadberry from santa maria,later

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