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Thread: oil question

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    git r
    hey should i run 10w 40 or 20w 50 in my 454?

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    i was wondering if 10-40 or 10-30 cuz the boats usually run cooler anyway, but oil temos can soar too, so maybe youre right..........

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    I have what used to be dad's boat. He ran 10W-40 dino-oil. I ran 20W50 Castrol dino-oil for a lot of years. I now run 5w-50 Syntech. I just rebuilt my 454 and found the only wear was wiped out GM original A400 bearings after 26 years, arround 300 hours, and a LOT of devoured Nitrous.
    From threads here, I have heard of a lot of high-HP guys having oil temp problems under sustained hard running which is why I followed the crowd to synthetic. Most of my driving is towing or cruizing under 60 so I don't think I have or will have a problem but I switched anyhow.
    All that said, Depending on how hard you push your 454, I see no trouble with either viscosity, nor will I tell you that synthetic is the way to go for everyone. I'd personally prefer the thicker 20W-50 or the slipperier synthetic.

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    if you had no wear after 26 years why would you switch to something else? especially a more expensive oil?

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    When you build or rebuild your engine. The clearances for piston to wall and rod and main bearing are a major player in what weight oil you run, also oil pressure is a factor, as well as how you use your boat. It's not a simple forumla. If you know your engine specs and how you operate your boat, that helps. But I don't recommend synt oil unless you keep your clearances tight. Most synt oil is about 5wt. My 02 cents Budlight

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    xs ultra
    I run straight 40 wt in all the boats I had. I Run 40wt in the hot rods.
    I run hard and have no problem. I have used the 20 -50wt and swithched back. 10 -40wt is in the daily driver. just my .02

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    I run straight 40wt.. most the guys i know around here are running straight 40 as well.

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    50 wt racing.......Less or no foaming, than standard oils, and blended for the extreme use of hard running. Never had an oil related problem using Valvoline or Kendal straight 50 racing oil...........MP

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    sanger rat
    40wt Valvoline racing oil. Little cooler here in Michigan.

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    Royal Purple...

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