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Thread: moving out of california

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    hey guys just thought that i would let you all know that i will be moving to grants pass of oct 29. i will still visit the ***boat forum but i will no longer be going to castiac or the river for a while.
    hope eveyone does well,
    thanks for the friendships that have been made..hustler riverdave andy sperminator jason hbjet and all the others
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    Well it was nice to have met you. You should try to get down here for a River Trip once a year if you can, 'cause you're gonna miss it!!!
    Good Luck to you bro,

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    Jungle Boy
    Hey Mellow, You will have to get yourself an aluminum jet boat and run some white water up there. We need more jetboaters to get into river racing. Once you have tried it you're hooked. The cost isn't too bad now with the FX class and you're still running 75-80 MPH.

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    Good luck Mellow Yellow. I hope everything works out well where you are going.

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    Whats up bud you dont like cali anymore.JK/ I undrstand its winter time and your headung for real hills. drop me an e-mail when you get setled in, I would'nt mind making a trip up that way this winter. Did you sell the boat?

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    hey Mellow,
    it's only about a 3 1/2 hr drive to Red Bluff for the boat drags. See you there next year.
    It's also only a couple of hours to Shasta, a little more to Whiskeytown and Siskiyou, you'll love em.

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    Sorry to hear your're leaving Mellow. It was nice meeting you, hope to you at the river sometime. I bought a new boat so now look for a 21' Daytona Eliminator. I'll get some pics of it soon.
    Aka "sperminator"

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    Hey sperminater, it's too late to change your name now, you can call your self whatever you want but I'll alway refer to you as the sperm guyJ/K LOL. nice to here you got a new ride, give up some details bud.

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    hey guys..i will miss all of you..hustler you made the lake alot of fun...cas..i do shasta every year for a week now that i am going to be up there i will probably be there more often, give me more info on the drags if its available, sperm man congrads on the new raft..thats a dope boat. and jungleboy i already have a aluminum boat in the cousin is working on sponcers...hopefully everything will go well with it. i will keep you all posted.
    i will still try to check in here weekly. if i could get some address' i can send pics of the boat.

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    You get one little cut on your little foot, and now you have to move out of the state, the lakes in Cali are just too dangerous.
    Just messin with ya! I know your really leaving because of the cut on your foot, but thats cool if you say it's for other reasons. BTW, thanks for the extra PFD. It was cool to meet you at the lake, have a good one...

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