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Thread: Rattlesnake at Steamboat!

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    Yesterday we were on the beach at Steamboat and my son headed to the restroom. When he was finished with his business he came out of the door and almost stepped on a rattlesnake. He was screaming and I went up to find the rattler all coiled up and rattling away. Then the rattler went down in the blocks right above the sandy beach. And everyone thought that the trouser snake was the most dangerous reptile.... be careful!

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    Thanks for the Headup!! I always tell my Boy to be careful were he steps specially when they are playing in the Hill behind the restroom.

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    Last summer a rattler was cornered in the restroom, have to be real careful when walking around up there.

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    Not a rattle snake but found this on Lake Mohave in the middle of the lake...

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    What the hell kind of snake is that?

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    Phat Matt
    I am guessing it's a King snake.

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    I am guessing it's a King snake.
    I think it is a Red Room Viper !!

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    Oh shiat! What the hell kind of snake is that? Anyone know? We go to Mohave all the time on family trips and have never run across any snakes...this freaks me out a little.

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    That snake would be personally doing a prop check.

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    I almost stepped right on a king snake while camping because I was looking out in the woods for my cat who ran off while we were packing the car. He was a lot bigger than that snake even! I can't stand them. :yuk:

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