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Thread: Carrera Elite ???

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    I found this boat in the trader:
    I keep going back to the ad because I really like the look of this boat!!! That long nose is awesome.
    Does anyone know anything about this hull? Is it a splash of another popular boat (I only ask because if I decide to get one, I want to know what else to look for)?
    BTW, the one in the photo is 454 jet offered at $13,750 and is 1987
    Here's another Carrera from the trader:
    Thanks, RTJas http://free.***
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    A friend of mine has the same style boat as the Red and white one. He has had good luck with his. But he says his is a little heavy. His boat is a few years newer all in all he is happy with the boat and performance.

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    Jason that is a good boat my uncle had one a few years ago His was an 89 with a 454 i/o He paid 13,500 for it This was in 96 i think.It ran about 60-65 stock.For that kind of boat i would pass on the jet though maybe an o/b hehehehehehe

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    I looked hard at this boat a few years back. Its a hull that's been around for years and years like most other mini day cruisers. It has a bottom that is similar to many others out there but the inner lifting strakes do not extend all the way to the back of the boat. On a jet, I think its better to have them go all the way to the transom for better lift. Its front deck design is nice looking but really reduces interior room. Other than that its a nice boat

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    I thought you were looking at a v-drive? AS far as the Carrera hull, I have seen this hull made by many boat companies Comander, Hawaiian & others. If you are going to spend over $10,000.00 I would find a clean Spectra, Hallett or Schiada. Stay with the v-drive.

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    Hey Jason if you want to look at a bad ass Carrera check this one out! It's not a jet but it still throws a great rooster I've seen this one in pearson and it hauls ass!

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    Jason, the red one looks sweet!! BTW, Jets aren't that bad.

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    Thanks guys, I'm still not in a position to upgrade anyway. I just really like the profile of that boat and wanted a little info! I do need a 21'er though. But I have my house up for sale, another kid due in April and we need to replace our 2 seater Del Sol with something that has a back seat - probably two rows of back seats!. THEN, I upgrade the boat!!!
    I am considering everything from a late 70s Spectra v-drive (I've always wanted a v-drive) to a brand new 21' Ultra Custom w/ 496 I/O. That Carrera IS actually between those and caught my eye. But like I said I'm not quite ready. I'm in no way anti jet, I'd like my 21' to go 80ish on a bit less power than it would take a 21' jet to there.
    Thanks again guys!
    RTJas http://free.***

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    Then you won't have a Hot Boat then. At least according to some roaming these parts.

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    Originally posted by rivercrazy:
    Then you won't have a Hot Boat then. At least according to some roaming these parts.
    http://free.*** I'm one of them! (to me) If I get bow seating, won't be a hot boat anyway. BUT the 21' Spectra with the V-Drive could be, but only if the motor is big enough - oh and not covered!!! http://free.*** To some I don't have a Hot Boat now because I don't have OT Headers on my 18' jet!
    RTJas http://free.***

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