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    Trying to locate a trailerable cover for my 1979 Sanger Jet Boat 18'

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    you didnt say what state but boatcop gave me a # for adlee covers in corona CAL. 909-734-0141 the womans name is jane for a very nice cover for nasty its 500+ thats covering headers and a lot of moter----nasty

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    save your money and buy an inexpensive one, you'll need the money to get your gel coat to shine after you tow it a few times.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Originally posted by Cas42:
    you'll need the money to get your gel coat to shine after you tow it a few times.
    No kidding, Cas42. I spent 5 large on this awesome custom trailer cover, complete with three stripes and a very tight fit. Can't even use it while trailering- gel burns.
    Someone posted that he puts towels underneath- that might work in an emergency (like rain), but the straps rub on the sides too.
    However, it does look good sitting in front of the house...

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    ooooya there only for the parking lot --throw it on just before your in town so the kooooooooks dont see it in the lot-----nasty

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    Not to fuel this debate again, but if you are going to trailer at all with a cover, or are dead set on doing it, we have a guy who builds covers for us that runs a fleece inner liner cover (custom fit) and very tight fitting sunbrella outer with lots of straps. I have never seen one screw up a boat at all, but still will not tow with one.
    Call me for details if you are interested.
    (619) 443-1100

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