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Thread: Star Wars anyone?

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    Geek Alert!!!!!
    Any Star Wars fans out there?
    If you want to see it but your wife/friends won't go with you because you are a closet geek, then join us on Thursday night.
    Valencia TownCenter 8:30PM.
    Get your tickets on Fandango/Yahoo Movies.
    We will be there around 7:30 to get a good seat!
    I can't wait.
    Let me know if you plan to attend. Check RRX for more details.

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    Big Star Wars geek right here. I already Fandagoed my tickets last week for Century theaters. Can't wait!!!!!!!

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    1978 Rogers
    going thursday.

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    Raisin Wake
    I'm a Star Wars geek, I admit it. I'll be in Corona for the midnight showing Wednesday night/Thursday morning. :lightsabe

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    Huge Star Wars geek here too...good thing though, is the wife is an even BIGGER Star Wars geek than me! Already went to the pre-screening. LOVED the movie!

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    Watching the other 5 movies I have, to get ready.............I also read the book, so I KNOW all the secrets................... :rollside:

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