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Thread: "Smoke on the Oklahoma River"

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    Has anybody heard of this race. I believe it is coming up in June. Wondering if any of you are going.

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    dude what river

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    July 8th thru 10th, Bricktown Nationals, they promote it as" Fire on the River"
    Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City, SDBA. and yeah, we got

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    You can find out more about the Bricktown Nationals by going to the following link and then clicking on the Schedule tab on the left of the page.

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    Jet Hydro
    I`ll be there :crossx:
    Hi Gary and welcome to the "TWILIGHT ZONE " :rollside:

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    okay the river downtown that was made ??we maybe there for that race with bambam in rr2 class

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    1 fast okie
    Hey Guys Theres Two Races The First One Is Being Put On By The Okc Jet Boat Association June 10-11-12 The 10th Is T&t This A Non-sanc. Flag Race For Info Contact Llyod"whiskey"booth At (405)623-6207 Or Jimmy Hill At(405)613-2709 This The "smoke On The Oklahoma River" Race. The 2nd One Is "the Bricktown Nationals" Which Is The Sdba Event July 8-9-10

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