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Thread: Lost Lake

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    Anyone go to Lost Lake?
    Looking to rent a place there for 4th of July weekend. Cannot seem to find out how to find rentals out there.

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    Your bad. :shift:
    Its north of blythe, I have been there.

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    Ok OK I am off.
    I looked up the website and sent an email, no response. Guess I will have to use the phone. lol
    We would split with a few friends. I have used a tent and a swamp cooler before.

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    Do you tent or RV or ?
    The campsites are inexspensive compared to the houses?
    I know we are still deciding.
    Do they still have Saturday night drags?

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    Is that the only place you go?
    Used to be the only place we went
    Then someone took us to Martinez, and have not gone back. We want to.

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    There is no such place as lost lake? It is a myth that people think is a good place. It is not there, hence lost lake SHHHHHHH
    I think that is right next to Lake Not An A$$ Hole isn't it?

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    Is that a real place?

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    Well what kind of boat you have?
    Maybe we will see at Lost Lake 4th of July?

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    Holly macrel
    Congrats on twins.
    Friend was preg with twins and came 3 or 4 weeks early.
    Well maybe another time.

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