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Thread: Carb/ Ign, system/tunnel ram 502cid

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    Any info on running a single carb 850/950/1050?Or a msd system or vertex mag? 502 cid. Im selling my tunell ram set up with the motor need to come up with another one.Whats good?

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    Why did you get rid of the tunnel ram? Was it part of a compete motor that you sold? What type of 502 do you have? If it is just a GM crate 502/502 hp, I would get a demon or holley 850.

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    Yes it was a complete motor. I know the entire set up works well. this way I only have to dial in one motor instead of two.Sold it to a friend.I started with the basic 440 horse 502,(same bottom end) and put on a set of edelbrock 6045 alum. heads so ill need everything to start over I have been looking at demons just was wondering if anyone else is running them?And i think it is a weind tunnel ram by the looks of it gonna call today. Was wondering what other people were runnig.The 454 set up worked extremly well.Anyone runnig a belt drive?

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    I run the 440hp 502 Mark VI crate motor as well. It has the cast rectangular port heads and aluminum intake that came with it. I run the Holley 850. It's a decent setup. That's about all the info I'm good for right now.
    Good luck.

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    how bout a dart w/dom top??? serious grinding and epoxy, I had a vertex and traded it for the dart intake. replaced the mag with msd 85551 works much better the mag was a little lose needed rebuilt, besides I think mags like alky better.

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