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Thread: Drunk Girl

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    She must be a vampire and there must be Holy Water in there.
    Drunk Girl (

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    Wooh, that's odd.

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    Dan Lorenze

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    Who would video someone about to barf in a toilet? Now that would be a set up.
    The worst thing we ever did was film my buddy getting a golden shower at his bachelor party.
    Now that is locked away in a secret file. :devil:

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    Just like someone videos the drinking fire.
    Setup or not, its hilarious.

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    Holy $hit........goto, the same site and look up the clip of "flip off cop". I would post it here but don't know how. Someone will though........the guy walks up to a cop and flips him off.....starts to walk away and the cop beats the $hit out of him. Funny shit, but not know what i mean.

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    Is this the one...
    Flip off cop (

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    Is this the one...
    Flip off cop (
    Yea......that's it.

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    Oh my gosh

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