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Thread: Rogers boat info

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    So, I've been looking at all the 21s around lately. My head is spinning. I really like the Schiada but a Jet in my $$ might not be easy to find. The Spectra is another one looking really good to me. The new Southwind is yet another option.
    But I have to say Throwerb's Rogers looks the coolest to me. It has the look of the Schiada or Spectra but a lower cabin. Tons of room too from the looks of it.
    Does anyone know what bottom this boat has. Is it an extreemly rare version? Anymore info on the Rogers?

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    I don't know any specifics, but I remember that boat from the CBBB and I really like it. I'm sure Old Rigger can enlighten. The bottom is probably being used on some current boat.

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    we used the spectra bottom on that boat.
    Roger bought thoses molds from the guy that had 'Conquest boats', not the conquest that sleek became, back about 81 if I remember right. We picked them up very close to Hallett's shop back then. Shit, I can't remember the guys name, I worked with him at Warlock in the 90s. He was squirting gel a little there. Too many brain cells lost to resin fumes.
    I always liked that deck too. First few we made were I/O's and then on to the jets. Can't beat the spectra bottom.

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    hack job
    iam with you the schiada and the rogers have some killer deck lines.
    i know of a schiada 21 jet for sale its 10k with out motor . you would have to hit up squeezing spectra about the boat its his brother inlaws boat.
    i had looked at it a few times lol. the down side was it had been painted ( not gel) but the paint was in awesome condition.

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    I guess it was the wrong time to start this thread. I am off to Yosemite for the weekend.
    I appreciate your imput guys. I will start up the thread again when i get back. Maybe if Harrahs has internet in Reno Ill do a little surfing in the morning.

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    Back from Yosemite. I'm beat. Drove out through Sac, but came back through Fresno, Bakersfield, Vegas and up to SLC. 15 hours straight with three kids and the wife.
    I tried to do a little more research on the Roger's boats but cant find anything. Were only a few of the rogers made? Never seen another one. I really like the low cabin.
    I did notice Howard made a cabin that looks similar on thier 21 on the website.

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    Looking up at Yosemite falls. The water was definately flowin'! We climbed to the top on the left side. Second pic is about 20' left of where the water fly's of the top.
    Me too tired to look cool on the top of Yosemite falls...

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    1978 Rogers
    Looks like your pointing your foot, kinda like a prance. Just thought I'd let you know that.

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    Looks like your pointing your foot, kinda like a prance. Just thought I'd let you know that.
    Oh OUCH :yuk: : , Im actually leaning in to the wind. That's my attempt to not go over the edge.

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    1978 Rogers
    Just kidding, but what every you have to tell yourself.

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