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Thread: Check Out These 32 Valve Aluminum BBC Heads Guys!

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    What do ya think? It would be cool to have the only boat on the river with 32 valve BBC heads huh?

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    Just more to worry about. :notam:

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    Anyone have a cigarette?

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    WOW!.......How long can it be before they develope an overhead cam deal??......MP

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    Lake Ape
    If your going to get all crazy then get really crazy and get Coates heads! Spherical valves rock! I have seen a set of these heads do 16K rpms and the connecting rods went. Klien Racing here in AZ was testing them for usage in a high speed turbo motor for the salt beds!
    Coates in Hot Rod (

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    That Coates setup is amazing. I wonder how they get the "valves" to seal tight enough to get good compression when the valve is closed. I would think the seal, whatever it is, would wear quickly.

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