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Thread: Alfonzo

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    You should be right here :hammerhea :hammerhea

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    Sittin on a red X???? :rollside:

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    Am i the only one thats can see the pic or what :argue: :220v:

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    I can't.

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    I can't.
    Well i guess your missing out again LOL :hammer2: :hammer2: :hammer2:
    Hey since your bored hit up Los Toros on thurs focker Margy's on me :jawdrop:

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    I see it :cry:

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    If it is supposed to be a picture of a red X then I see it too

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    I see a nice big Ocean Liner.

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    I see a nice big Ocean Liner.I still see a red X, real cool Alex. They just left Curacao and they on the way to St. Maarten.did i say this sucks.

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