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Thread: Plexi Splash Guards...

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    Does anyone here know of a shop in Orange County area that makes plexi splash guards? I have one now, but there are some cracks in it from where it bolts up to the boat. Also, mine is a smoked color, and I want to get a solid color, like a dark grey/charcoal and possibly have it a little shorter then my current one. Thanks

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    There's a shop in Yorba Linda or Placentia that Todd at Harman Marine told me about.
    Give him a call. The place is close to his shop.
    RTJas http://free.***
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    Boater Bill
    RAhndy - Specialty Marine Co. They used to be in Santa Ana but moved out to the Anaheim/Placentia/Yorba Linda area. I think this number still works though.
    714 258-7346
    email is
    Got the above off an old business card I had. They might be the guys RTJas is talking about. Good luck.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Might be talkin' about Wayne-Earl in Placentia...they did a custom plexiglass piece on the HH Tugboat.
    (714) 577-0632
    520 S. Jefferson St.
    Placentia, CA 92870
    PS- they had ALOT of original patterns from 70's & 80's boats...

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    Can you use Lexan? It so much stronger than plexi but costs more. My Glastron has a windshield and I had one made of plexi. It cracked within weeks. When I replace it I will be using Lexan.

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    Good question HBjet, I broke the splash guard AND screen on my 76 Sanger Hydro last season (I know, I know). It was, er, acceptable while I could keep the boat in the water on a daily basis but now it sits in the garage waiting for me to do something about it. Does someone have a pattern/mold for these things? Too far for me to go to get a custom job.
    I could do it myself but the schedule says its best to buy...

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    Hey burbanite, you have a Sanger Hydro and live in Indy? Where do you boat? I also live in Indy!

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    What do most places charge for a custom splash guard?

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    Specialty Marine Co. made on for me years ago. Did a nice job on it but it's something that you could do your self pretty easy now that I watched them do it. Make a template out of cardboard. Mark the edges and center of the corners and transfer it to you plexi. They used floodlamps to heat it and bend it. They had 2 racks with about 4 lights on each. Got it hot and two guys bent it to fit.

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    I was quoted something in the ballpark of $275-300 by a guy at the boat show last year. I think his shop was in Anaheim and I they wouldn't install it on the boat. They would make it specifically for the boat, but not install it. I think they didn't want the liability if it cracked on installation. I thought screw them, doesn't sound like they stand by their work to me.
    Besides, honestly the guy was a bit of a jerk to boot.
    RTJas http://free.***

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