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Thread: Does anyone know????

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    I have a 236 eliminator eagle and I took out the driver's seat. Unfortionately, I don't have the paper I used to write down where the long and short screws go and I am aware of the gas tank below the seats.. Does anyone know the pattern or a way of figuring it out???
    Otherwise, it puts me another day out and I want to put it back in tonight!

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    Call Eliminator. They're always there late and will be able to answer your question.

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    stick a wire down the hole

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    Prime 8780
    If you can't seem to remember where the different length screws were you can get a small scribe or allen wrench and put them through the holes where the screws were. This should tell you where the tank is by placing you fingers around the tool against the floor. Then you can measure the distance between the tip of the tool and your fingers and the thinckness of the parts that the screws go through (i.e. the seat bracket or anything else that the screws might protrude through).
    Good luck
    Hope this helps,
    Mike @ Prime Marine

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    I was afraid of using something metal in case of a arc of static electricity, but I will use a kabob stick!!! Thanks guys, I did smell a little gas when I unscrewed the screws, but hopefully that was the hull smelling???

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