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Thread: 25' sleek- 4400 rpm,45mph--problem?

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    whats up fellas? I got got another speed question for you all--i have a 1977
    sleekcraft 25' day cruiser,healthy 466 bbf, berkley pump with a legend "a" impeller,jg split bowl,4 degree wedge,ss loader,place diverter, (pump has about 45 min on it),my question is fast should i go? i feel that the motor WILL turn up more rpm ,but does the big ass boat have something to do with it? If i were to put the same exact motor & pump in a lighter boat what would i gain?, more holeshot,more rpm,more speed? OR will my motor still only turn 4400 rpm in a lighter boat? I am in the process (slowly) of totally restoring a 1978 sleekcraft aristrocat 20',dual tunnel design, would i go any faster with that hull? HELP PLEASE!

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    What you have there is a Tug Boat and it would take a lot of HP to push it. Drop that plant into something smaller if you want to go faster.

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    I think you could blow money on that boat till the cows come home and maybe hit 50.

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    Oh, I dunno ........ a big blower, Nitrous, and a AA impeller and he might see 55......................... :wink:

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    i just want to be able to throw some kind of tail,at least 20'!
    Really wondering if i had something wrong somewhere.

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    if i were to put my set up into a smaller ,lighter boat,would i gain rpm?,or just speed?

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    get a droop, a diverter, a ride plate, try to get it out of the water and optimize its plane heigth. A smaller impeler will help the motor rev up higher but unless you have the motor setup to make lots of high end power, you wont get much more out of it, I have a 20 ft Hallett that is pretty heavy with a mild 450 and I only turn about 4600 rpms at about 60 with an A impeller.

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    i have the diverter and ride plate,will a droop help?

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    spectras only
    This 24' charger did the same with a jet ! The owner replaced the jet with an LS-6 / bravo drive , 65 MPH.
    An AT 312 with loads of HP would be good too.

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    hack job
    if you turn more rpm in a lighter boat then there was something amiss in the current setup. you should spin the same rpm in a lighter boat and it should go faster and will be quicker. i would say that you have a 25' boat wit a mild 460 and thats about all you going to get out of it. good luck and have fun most important!

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