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    I just bought a new Holley today and have a question or two for the Ford fanatics out there.
    Boat info is:
    18' Spectra
    460 stock w/500hrs
    Log manifold exhaust
    Berkeley JE w/ A impeller
    New carb info:
    Holley 4 Barrel
    600 CFM
    Carb No. 0-80457S
    1) Is a 600CFM too small for a boat that will NOT be a hot rod?
    2) Do I need to any specific jetting for around sea level elevations?
    3) Did I get a good deal at $190 out the door?
    Thanks fella's!

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    spectras only
    Steve,the price is right ,but the carb is small.The start is 780 Holley with 72 primaries ,84 secondaries.Even if it isn't hotrodding it.Next level would be 850 Holley marine carb for a BBF.

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    Will I be able to get out of the hole with a 780? How will it run at cruise? I will be pulling the occasional skier and the usual water toys for sure. Should I return the carb and get the 780? I am looking for reliability, out of the hole pull, good mid-range, and decent fuel economy. I realize that there is really no such thing as good fuel economy with a jet, but I am looking to get the best I can.
    Any other input? I am listening.
    Thanks a million,

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    Steve, I have ran the 600 Holley on a pretty good 468 which was installed in a 3/4 ton suburban this engine had a set of Reher Morrison oval port heads with large valves and lots of port work, it had a comp cam and 9.5 compression I never had a problem and the fuel mileage was around 12, I used it to pull big trailers loaded with concrete forms, never missed a beat and the only changes made were the jets, I know that bigger is supposed to be better but it worked for me.

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    this is where most people thik bigger is better.i'm running a 750 on a well built 429 and it is woring fine i also tried a 850dp and saw no difference. motor now turns 5100 with an a-b impeller.a 600 is fine for a stock motor provided you jet it properly and it should flow well for under 4900 rpm.

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    CGS The 460 will draw in about 665 CFM of air at 5,000 RPM. This is at 100 % volumetric effeciency. The carb. should work good for you. It will have good response. Make sure the accelerator pump is rich enough not to hesitate when you take off. Keep the jetting stock. It will probably be a tad rich due to the large engine and small carb. The larger signal given to the carb, the richer it runs.

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    spectras only
    Happy New Year guys. I don't want to sound like a smart ass http://free.*** but a 600 holley is small for a 460 ,and even for a 429[I've got a 429 in my spectra].The 600 is fine for a car/truck ,not for a jetboat.I run the 800 in my V-drive spectra [ok it's a heavy 24]and never had fouled plugs.Most jetboat guys [inc Greg Shomaker,Joe Mondello or Robinson Erickson would recommend bigger carbs].I ran stock 460 with 600 "A" imp ,average 4600RPM.Mondello did a test with a 20 spectra in the late 70's adding a 4780 [800CFM]72 primaries,45 power valve,stock secondary jets 86.He picked up 200RPM.I had similar results myself in the past with the fords.Chevs are not as thirsty as the BBF.Mondello states 750 CFM dual pumpers are good up to 4500 with 76 primaries ,78 secondaries for "good economy" http://free.*** your pick.He also mentioned that,the "stock" 780 vacum sec unit {which I still have in my 1976 spectra]is a good unit,and he only recommend to change the power valve to 45.And last the biggest improvement was made by installing an 800 with 45 powervalve and a 55 secondary powervalve installed also.On the newer 4780/4781 there were no secondary powervalves.For sparkplugs,the champion BL-9-Y is a good starter,Autolite AF-32 or 22 is good.I use the Holley 4781 [850 cfm]on BBFanything above 4600RPM with square jets [ 77's ] with HP camshafts.I also run a marine 850 Holley vac sec with 88 primaries 94 secondaries on a warmed up 460 on a 19 foot spectra , "A" imp 5600RPM without supertrapps at sealevel and on Skaha Lake [over 1000 feet above sealevel].I know this is long winded,but these guys I've mentioned before GS,JM ,RE]know their stuff and wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction on purpose.

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    spectras only
    BTW,you guys with Fords in california may want to check out if Robinson-Erickson Ford still around in San Gabriel southern california. http://free.***

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    I tryed to scan a page out of the back of the Holley performace parts catalog to post here. Hope it turns out readable or maybe someone else has a Holley catalog and a better scanner and can post a better chart pic.
    Most of us are familiar with the "formula" that is used for choosing a carb size for a car. With it, most big blocks come out needing around 800 cfm. The problem is that the formula is for cars using stock drive trains(Stock convertor, gears etc). If you dig a little deeper you'll find Holleys chart for choosing carbs with high stall convertors, or in our case free reving jet pumps. On the chart I scanned, the example is a 350 with a "real" stall of 1350rpm. Draw a line from 1350rpm, through 350 and it extends out to around 730 cfm.
    Now draw a line from your jets boats "stall" speed of around 4500rpm through 460cid and the line goes off the chart some where in the 1500cfm range. That is why you see race cars with 5000rpm stalls skreaming out of the hole with dual carb tunnel rams and not bogging down like a street car with too much carb. Your jet boat can handle a huge amount of carbaration very effectivly if you want to use it.
    BUT, the bottom line is , tune, carb and cam your boat for the way you want to use it. Dual 750s are not for everyone. I personaly feel a 600 is a little restrictive for a Big Block, but it will idle good, have good throttle responce and perform overall pretty good untll you go after top speed. Most of us seem to be pretty content with running somewhere around 780 to 850cfm, and that is a fair all around compromise. I've got a 780 on mine right now and it runs real strong(70mph@5200rpm). I used the 780 cause i already had it, but I'm changing over to dual 780s right now for next spring. Wish it was already done so I could post a before and after, but I guess it will have to wait a few months. Has anyone out there gone from a single to duals, and what where the results?

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    not guilty
    My 1986 MACH-1 had a stock OMC 460 FORD.It was equiped factory with a 650 holley vac sec.We used that carb on the next motor, a 429 with 11.5-1 comp. it did seem a bit small on top end for the 429, but it worked great on the stock 460.My 2 c/w.

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