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Thread: Question for Jay or anyone in the know???

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    Is the new 6 speed in the 06 trucks a allison unit? If so what will be the benifits? Will it handle more power and Tq? Will it improve gas mileage? Will it able GM to get rid of the body lift? When will the 06 6 speed be avaliable? Trying to decide between the 05 or 06. The 6 speed sounds good if it has more versitility....Thanks

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    All I know for sure is it WILL be an allison 6 speed transmission Gas Mileage I will check tomorrow but with another gear I would assume it would get getter as for the body lift it will still be there The vehicle should be available around August

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    All I know for sure is it WILL be an allison 6 speed transmission Gas Mileage I will check tomorrow but with another gear I would assume it would get getter as for the body lift it will still be there The vehicle should be available around August
    Good deal, Thanks for your input. I've been doing some research while waiting for a answer on this and have found a article that said that the 6 speed is going to be a GM turbo hydro unit. Strange. I checked out the allison website and they don't show a 6 speed in production. I'll post the article.

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    I noted that Dodge went to a MBZ 6 speed too. And a few months ago a 35 gallon tank in a short bed. Long over due.

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    American Metal Market
    DETROIT -- A new line of aluminum-intensive 6-speed automatic transmissions for rear-wheel-drive vehicles is under development at the Powertrain Group of General Motors Corp. for introduction in 2005.
    The transmissions will be the first of their kind at GM, which is expected to build them in high volumes in Willow Run, Mich. If the new drives are produced in volumes of 500,000 per year, they will consume more than 35 million pounds of aluminum annually.
    Most of the light metal for the cases, side covers, valve and pump bodies, sprocket supports, accumulator housings and other components of the transmissions are expected to be made of secondary die casting alloy A380.
    In addition to the aluminum parts, the transmissions are expected to make considerable use of steel and powder metal components made from steel bar, rod, and iron and steel powders, according to GM sources here.
    Several models of different sizes and torque-handling capacities are planned by GM for the new transmission line, known in GM's inner circles as the X13R, X14R, X15R and X16R units. One or more will be built at GM's Strasbourg, France, transmission plant, as well as at Willow Run.
    GM's plans mark a turn in the big automaker's transmission design strategy for achieving fuel-economy improvements in its rear-wheel-drive vehicles, including Cadillac cars, sports wagons, GMC pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles, and similar vehicles from Chevrolet. According to some GM sources here, the 6-speed automatics could provide fuel-economy gains of between 5 and 8 percent over today's 4-speed automatics in such vehicles.
    GM's transmission strategy brightens the automotive market picture for suppliers of secondary aluminum and their customers in the parts-casting business. In addition, the new transmissions are expected to have a higher parts and metals content than current automatics do.
    GM also recently signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop an all-new automatic 6-speed transmission with Ford Motor Co. for front-wheel-drive vehicles. The new transmissions built under that program will be produced in high volumes, with a high content of aluminum die-casting alloy, steel and powder metal.
    With two new families of 6-speed automatics in the works, suppliers of aluminum scrap, secondary specification casting alloy, steel bar, rod and powder metals to GM and its transmission parts vendors can look forward to some new and promising business opportunities.
    Forged and machined steel components made from bar and rod stock for use in the new transmissions are likely to include shafts, gears, bearing parts, rings, levers and clutch parts. Powder iron and steel components could include gears and gear carriers, converter and synchronizer hubs, oil pump rotors, clutch plates and collars, stators, sleeves and spacers.
    Al Wrigley

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    Turns out that GM has also came up with a new Dextron Trany fluid for all the new trannys.

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    Great article I will check my information and post again tomorrow.. Hope I have not provided bad information

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    OK here's what I have found out...... M74 is the ordering code for Allison 1000 5-speed transmission in current model trucks...... MW7 is the NEW ordering code for Allison 1000 6-speed transmission which is the ONLY transmission available for 2006 trucks with LLY diesel. You will be able to order these today and recieve your order approx August.. WE DO NOT KNOW if there will be a price increase (probablly will) or how much

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    So you can order as early as now for the 2006... I have a 04, duramax, and I have heard that 2007 will be a new body style, have you heard any news on that? The day I can order one I will :mix:

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