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Thread: Anybody else watch "house"

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    The wife has me hooked on it.She said he has my attitude..........

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    Me! I love the show. He's so damn crass but truthful (from his perspective at least ) ! I like the case mysteries too.

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    great show, cant wait til next weeks finale

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    We're hooked on it too, can't wait until next week.

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    ......She said he has my attitude..........
    I feel bad for your wife ...
    I love that show, House is the perfect mix of sarcasm, seriousness and professionalism, and the girls are hot too.

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    Keith E. Sayre
    We watch it every week also. I think he's great. His attitude reminds me of Jack Nicholson. He is without question "the man". I'll bet this post doesn't
    earn me any brownie points with the ladies!
    Keith Sayre
    Conquest Boats

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