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Thread: dimarco kid

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    happy birthday young buck.ha i beat you to it ,for everone info me and the kid have the same birthday so happy birthday to me to

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    Happy B-day, Nitro!!!!!!
    Where is the kid anyway?

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    Happy birthday D-Kid!

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    fat rat
    Happy "Hot Boat" Birthday to both you young "Wipper Snappers".....

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    Dimarco Kid
    Shit! You did beat me to it! Man, how did your b-day go? It's cool now, one more year and I can buy alcohol! LOL I wish! Been crankin' on my boat, how about you?
    D Kid

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    Wet Dream
    Happy Birthday Guys!!
    Dimarco, I was up in your neighborhood Friday, but I don't think I was close enough. I was trying to give you a call, but I was in a roaming area for much of the day. Damn CellularOne.

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    my day was fair but the night was very good the boat is a cluster ill call you later today and tell you whats going on

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    Wet Dream
    Mike, do you have it already???

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    no ,i got a used trialer but had to sell it it wont work at all for a hydro,on monday im going to look at enclosed trialers and go from there

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