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Thread: I am a retard!! Help the retard!

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    Hey guys, I hope the topic line piqued your interest! Anyway, I'm swapping my Jacuzzi in favor of a Berk and on a time crunch. Like, I need it together in 1 month. Not too bad but I forgot ONE little detail. I NEED a coupler drive to go from a 460 Ford to a Berk jet!!!!! SOMEBODY HAS to have an extra one laying around!!! It doesn't matter if it's got u-joints in it or not. I can supply those. I just don't want to have to welld my Jacuzzi couple to the Berk just to get it to work! It's a family reunion and I want to show off my new boat. And I want it to actually GO! Well, someone please help!! Will be greatly appreciated! Hope it's not too expensive though! Poor Marine. Nuff said.
    Feel free to e-mail me directly with a price. Once again, thanks guys!!
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    spectras only
    Hey Mister,the deal is still on in case your boat won't make it to Whatcom.I can fit your family in the Spectra for a cruise around the lake.Sorry we only have brand new parts at my friend's shop,but if you interested give Dave 604-278 1880 a call tomorrow [tuesday],maybe he's got some used one kicking around.

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    the spline on the jacuzzi is the same size as the berkeley, your old one should fit, the only one different is the panther. Jim Brock

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    River Speed and Sport 760-922-6868. Ask for Brad. This guy has a bunch of old used parts for jet's laying around. He might be able to help. He's in Blythe which isn't too far from where you live so hopefully you can get the needed parts ASAFP.

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    Slow Boat 001
    I asked a friend and here is his reply::::I have the flywheel button/Spicer drive line type. The pair sells for $212.00. If it's the Rockwell type you're out a luck. They went out of business 20 years ago. Which is it?:::If this will help let me know .

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    I got two , one off a ford sb and one off a bbc , both off berkely but i live it NC e- mail me and lets talk. Rod NC

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    Thanks guys! I'll see if my old one fits. Never even thought of that! Duh! Told y'all I was retarded. Spectras:Sounds great!! I'll get in touch with you when I get home(around the 19th of Aug.) and we can work something out. Ever take your boat to Sucia? Nice place to camping for a weekend! Later guys and once again, thanks for all the help!

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