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Thread: Intercooler HOokUP?

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    Intercooler Hookup?
    I know there is a forum for Blowers and such but i was wondering how some of you jet guys hook up your intercoolers. I just got mine in and i am in need of some ideas. thanks

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    #12 line off the ride plate with two number 10s dumping mine runs a nice 6 lbs pressure at 3500 rpm and 10 psi at 6000

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    Wich pickup do i use?

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    Duane HTP
    Use a water bypass valve to cut the pressure down to your engine and split the bypassed water into two # 10 lines. Put this water into the lower ports on the front of the inter cooler. Then run 2 # 12 lines overboard. This shuts off the cold water at idle so as not to make it back fire like a cold engine, and then cools down the charge in about 2 or 3 seconds after you throttle it. Just another way to do it. The above way by wideopen works too.

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    Hey duane do you know where i can find that valve? I would rather do this then cut a hole for a pickup. thanks

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    Duane HTP
    Read your PM.

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    Read your PM.
    Oh c'mon, just spam it! Chet aint around. Im interested in one too!

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