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Thread: My HB Forum Family Regatta Pics

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    Da, why ya talkin like a wise guy?

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    I don't remember..... :shift:

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    bunny 166
    Those are some nice pics Mandy!

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    Da, why ya talkin like a wise guy?
    Da, I met Deb!!!

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    Da, I met Deb!!!
    I'm sure you mean............." I met Da Deb"
    lol, well with Mandy's Deb there were at least two of us out there.....
    My daughter is in LOVE with your pups! It was so awesome to see you guys.
    I think we saw John and Michelle (or their boat) they didn't stop, and I wasn't sure it was them. I should have waved....I wanted to chat

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    Cool pixs!

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    Dem Dere are sum dam good pics mandi....................esp da hot moms

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