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Thread: Casale top bearing

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    Anybody got the number off a Casale top bearing?

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    What brand of bearing???..

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    The V drive is missing the top bearing. Got nothin to go with so thought maybe someone had a number and maybe I could get one at a bearing house. Just love these basket cases.
    The top bearing...the one with the groove in it so it can be pulled.

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    Well all I have to look at is a double row bearing but just give them the ID and OD and they will give ya what you need!..

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    From your instructions posted in Tech Links....looks like Item #4 C (?) 306SZ.

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    The only thing is what brand of bearing is it??, there's a lot of them out there but a "knowlegeable" bearing guy should be able to set you up!, I would think!..

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    Lower bearing (I have) is a NTN 6306C3. Housing is the same size and depth top and bottom and shafts are the same size on the looks like 6306 may be the number I need but with a snap ring groove.
    Found it on line in England :burningm: but maybe I can get it local.

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    Yep that'll work, if you have Kaman or King bearing local they will set you up no problem!..

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    Hey Bob.... Tom bentley's jest over the hill...he will have the bearing needed.. Maybe even the tappered one also...

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    Got prop shaft and coupler coming from Tom now. Just trying to save a day but might have to.

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