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Thread: ONE-OFF Ultra Boat Bling Cover--AMAZING

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    roln 20s
    This Tribal Boat Bling cover turned out awesome...special thanks to John West of Ultra Boats. Its amazing what happens when you give such a talented guy a blank cover to make something happen. This is the outcome. I believe the boat is available for sale...and the Boat Bling cover is included
    And the 27 Shadow this belongs to
    Thanks again John for the creativity and all the support.
    AKA Roln 20s

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    That boat is bitchin. I pulled up next to John driving it with his parents about a month and a half ago.

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    Cole Trickle
    Nice peice Patrick and John!!!
    Truly a work of art
    I would be interested in seeing that cover with the Ultra logo cut into the metal at the very front.(It would look sweet backlit with some fiberoptics)

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    Wow...that is SICK!!! I may just have to buy the damn boat, go bankrupt just for some bling!!

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    dr. margarita
    Leave it to the master, John West. What a stunning package!! We at Boat Bling are proud to have provided a blank Tribal so John can work his magic.
    I think that 27 Shadow is beautiful!!

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