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    We are going to spend a week or so in AZ this summer. I was wondering what lakes have the best RV sites. Our sonand daughter in law live in Queen creek so we would like to be within driving distance for them.
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    Queen Creek is very close to the Salt River Lake system. The largest is Roosevelt Lake. It's about 60 miles from Queen Creek. Canyon Lake is the closest (about 30 miles) and has very limited camping sites. In the middle is Apache Lake but it's hard to get to. It has a dirt road, but you have to go to Roosevelt Lake and then turn back to get to Apache Lake. Of course that is the nicest lake in the area.
    Good luck, they are all beautiful and you'll have a great time.

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    In the middle is Apache Lake but it's hard to get to. It has a dirt road, but you have to go to Roosevelt Lake and then turn back to get to Apache Lake.
    Or you could always run up through Apache Junction and take the Apache Trail past Canyon Lake through Tortilla Flats to get there. Not an ideal drive in an RV or towing a big trailer.
    Roosevelt might be about 60 miles as the crow flies, but getting there by road is a little bit trickier. You can take the Apache Trail, which would probably be the most direct. Heading out through Florence Junction, Superior, Miami and catching the 88 up is another option, but it's much longer than 60 miles. The other option would be running up Power Rd. past Saguaro Lake to the Beeline (87) up to the 88 and back down to Roosevelt, which is another couple hour option in and/or pulling an RV.
    Your best bet would be finding something in the East Valley, Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction area and parking there. Queen Creek isn't very close to any lakes, as in, not a 10 minute drive. You're looking at probably an hour any way you cut it, at a minimum, based upon all the traffic and road construction going on out there these days.

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    Jody is correct on the distance from QC to Goverment Hill (Marina @ Roosevelt) is 98 miles. I just ploted it from downtown QC (HaHa) to the ramp.
    You don't want to tow on the Apache Trail after Tortilla Flats (or north of Canyon Lake), the road is dirt, wash board and you have a tight turn @ Fish Creek.
    If you don't want to have the Family travel 98 miles (one way) your stuck with Canyon Lake, Saguaro has no over night camping that I'm aware of.

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    Hey, I'm a Queen Creek resident on June 1st...there really is a downtown, but you blink, fart, or sneeze and you've rolled through it! :rollside:
    Canyon would be the lake to visit if you're draggin an RV with you and want to drop anchor and use it at the lake. Saguaro, like they've said has no RV spots. Apache would suck getting to it and Roosy is too dang far.
    Jordy has the right idea, pick from one of the million RV parks in east Mesa, and AJ and park there if you need a spot to call home, then drag the boat to Saguaro or Canyon for the day. It's about 40 to 45 minutes from QC to Saguaro or Canyon. If you're in Johnson Ranch or out past Hunt Hwy, add about 15 minutes or so.

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