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Thread: 6.0 Exhaust Systems

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Anyone else out there besides me
    just cut the damn Cat. and Muffler off and just run a Straight Pipe :crossx:
    haven't even Chipped it yet and can notice the difference in the way it moves :crossx:
    sounds like a leaf blower on steroids :220v:

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    Don't know about where you are, but in phoenix, we have this thing called emmissions! Every year or two you have to take your vehicle to the DMV and they hook a hose to your exhaust, if it fails, you will have a real hard time getting it registered!
    P.S. I believe that it's a crime to remove the cat, so don't get caught!

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Actually its not loud at all out the exhaust , just more turbo whine under normal acceleration , under full throttle it is no louder than the Redneck down the street with glasspacks :wink:
    when we pulled the Cat. off it was full of Soot - almost a Coffie can full and could barely see thru it and this is on a 2005 -SDF250 , w/ only 13,000mi.
    Hate to see how it would be in another 6mos. ?????
    ( I kept the Cat. just in case , so it can be put back if needed)
    and yes I live in da Sticks...... :wink:

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