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Thread: Eagle 514 Kit

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    Does any body out there have any experience with the Eagle 514 Kit for the Ford 460?
    I just ordered one. it looks on paper like a good deal at $1500.00 all the components appear to be first cabin in the catalog.
    Does anybody run one of these? Comments?

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    Oldphart, Does that include the Eagle cast steel crank or is it a stock iron casting? What rods come with the kit? are they stock length or are they the 6.800" long rods? Either way it sounds like a good deal. When you build this stroker make sure you have a set of heads that will support the extra cubic inches. Don't scrimp on carb air flow either, they like alot of it.

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    I don't have experience with the Eagle, but Oldphart...I am trying the SVO 514 short block which I think has the same bore and stroke. I have run 460's for years, but just recently went to the stroker with Blue Thunder heads. I like it so far. I have had some problems tuning, but I think I have them straightened out. I will know for sure after 9/16, when I am scheduled to go to the dyno one last time before it goes in the boat.

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    Eliminator Fan
    What parts come in that kit? I've got to rebuild my 460 this winter, and '514' has such a nice ring to it. I've never heard of the kit, so any info you have on it would be appreciated.

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    The kit I bought has a new cast stroker crank, some new lightweight rod they just came out with, forged pistons, plasma file fit rings, and bearings. I plan on putting on a pair of the Cobra Jet aluminum heads and the tunnel intake that matches them with a 1050 Dominater. The kit is supposed to be here wed or thurs so we"ll se how it looks.It als comes internally balanced.

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    Oldphart...the internal balancing is a major plus for your kit. Mine was externally balanced and we changed it to internal - lots of work involved in that.
    What camshaft do you intend to use?

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    I have had real good luck with the ford Motorsport Cam M-6250-C460 Its a split duration and lift cam that compensates for the problematic imbalance in flows between intake & Exhaust ports. Duration is 310 intake and 320 exhaust (advertized) and 588 intake and 614 exhaust lift. Its only $120.00 and really pulls well in the 3000-6000 rpm range

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    I have heard the 6250-C460 is a good camshaft. What is the compression ratio that you intend to have and what size dome / dish do the pistons have?

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    Kit comes in tomorrow so I,m not absolutly sure but it is supposed to be flat top with 2 reliefs 10.6 to one with the small chamber heads. Will update when I pick it up tomorrow

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    Please keep us posted on the kit. I am really interested in it - especially the balancing job.

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