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Thread: Camp Far or BUST!!!!!

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    Well everything is A OK with the boat. The oil pick up broke off it was welded and braced! done with those stock type pumps! The KING of H-P slipped in some new bearings and were going with a titan billet pump so no more pump cavatation problems! SO next stop ''CAMP FAR BIG SMOKE'' CA'MON going to do some serious partying with my NOCALY BRU'THA'S!!! :messedup: :messedup: :messedup:

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    Right on Doss, Looking forward to some intense boating, serious kicking back, big smoke and mass amounts of guacamole Should have all three boats running strong

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    Ill be there partying it up and making passes as well with DrAg 2 WiN and Crew Hope to see u all there remember the rules "WHAT HAPPENS AT FAR WEST STAYS AT FAR WEST"

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    Kindsvater Flat
    Last year during the middle of the week before fathers day.

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    SWEEET!!!!Last year during the middle of the week before fathers day.

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    Kindsvater Flat
    and this VIDEO ( would look better in green

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    Oh shit, that was good.............C'mon! The water this year is as high as I'v ever seen it! Best year ever for water!

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    He. he, he..
    I am so excited for fathers day.
    Should be one hell of a time

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    Looks like it's going to be a blast, you guys be safe!..

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    Hey Art,
    Are you considering making the tow???
    If you make it we may even have a SS/PS class

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